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Monster Reminders is the easiest way to get started with automatic text message reminder notifications for your clients. You can schedule your appointments a month in advance or a day before, and Monster Reminders is smart enough to know when to send text appointment reminders to your Customers/Patients.

Monster Reminders are by far the most popular Customer/Patient reminder method among Monster Reminders text service users. Not only do we send a text but also an email. You can decide on the reminder method based on what each customer wants, and our email (yes, Monster Reminders is also an email reminder service) so it’s less work for you. This is the easiest-to-use calendar reminders application that’s always updated to save you time.

A recent study at the University of Kentucky about text message appointment reminders and reducing no-shows found that “Cost-benefit analysis yielded a potential 1:6 return.” Just from text messaging reminders. That’s a 6X return on investment – simply by using a business text messaging service! For example, if you take our competitors average charge of $49/month plan, a 6X return would mean an extra $3528 in money you made over the year. Many of our users find that Monster Reminders saves them even more money than that when sending Monster Reminder texts. We think the ROI is even better than 6X for Monster Reminders users because we make it so inexpensive to send text reminders. When we did a survey, the average amount of revenue saved was an astounding $27,404 per year using our Monster Reminder application that sends texts because we do not charge you for our Monster Reminders. That seems crazy at first glance, but the amount of money lost by no-show and no-call appointments is much larger than it seems. It’s like watching a leaky faucet – it seems like just a trickle, but if you plug the drain (or check your water bill) you’ll quickly see how much it builds up. Monster Reminder software is so simple to use that you’ll be able to see the impact on saved time and increased revenue in your first month of joining the Monster Team!

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Message Broadcasting Included!

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Message Broadcasts (or "Blasts") are a great way to send important notifications to all of your customers or patients. It's a simple and easy way to tell them about such things as a planned or unplanned office closure, a new address or relocation of a facility, a new pre-visit procedure or instructions on product, coupons. These notices can be communicated in just a few minutes with our Monster Text System. Best part is the Monster Team manages it all for you!

With just a simple click of the button our Monster Team will text a message(s) to your entire contact list effortlessly. Text messaging has proved to be the most effective form of communication, with an amazing 98% read rate within three minutes of receiving a text message. 

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